Press maintenance • All brands

Mechanical press • Hydraulic press

Horizontal or vertical

Stamping – Blanking – Forging


Project management skills

  • Mechanical

  • Hydraulic

  • Automatism/Electricity (PLC project)

  • Machining

  • On-site machining

Our means suit your projects

30 workers, including 17 technicians
5M€ turnover in 2015
3 000m² of workshops
• Cranes or roller decks 5 to 50 tonnes
14 vehicles to work everywhere in France or Europe
2 plants for greater proximity

For 20 years,

our technician’s experience, our various means of production and building capacity, enables us to refurbish all machines.

Business sector

Automotive • Aeronautics • Railways transport • Weapons equipment • Medical • Home appliances • Tooling • …

Refurbishment and upgrading

Our mechanics-fitters, strong of our 20 years of experience, provide partial or complete renovation of presses.
We offer productivity improvement solutions thanks to massive equipment.


Corrective and preventive maintenance

Our design department develops innovative solutions to improve your facilities productivity.
Our technical teams involved for curative repairs or troubleshooting for preventive and predictive maintenance of your equipment.
The instrumentation on your machines enables you to monitor your production and increase your work tool lifetime.

Maintenance and modernization of hydraulic

We carry out all operations of maintenance and modernization necessary to maintain your park of hydraulic press : seals replacement, rods metallization, repair of control circuits, installation of certified security devices, repair of hydraulic power units…

Supply and machining of spare parts

usinage-piece-presse-mecaniqueTo answer to your ambitious projects, our skills go beyond press environment. Real values to our expertise, the ability of our tools and our workshops, our machinists’ skills enables us to realize complex, heavy, large mechanical parts.
We produce single parts, or small series, from your mechanical layout or from a model redefined by our design department, including the reloading of circular parts.
We machine on-site tables, worktables, soleplates of slides heading, shafts, and the bearing housing of crankshafts of your machines.


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